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Ecostone is the line of innovative materials, ideal for indoor and outdoor flooring and any kind of tiling. Commercial terrazzo flooring solutions sourced from Italy. A proven track record produced by the best in the industry.

A selection of durable stone materials such as marble, calcareous rock, granite and siliceous stone is mixed with cement and water to create a standout terrazzo tile. The result is a completely natural product with thanks to its agreeable aesthetic appearance is the ideal solution at the same time it is particularly suitable for high traffic areas due to its durable physical and technical characteristics.

Ecostone terrazzo tiles have a dedicated design focus, applications range from both residential to large commercial projects such as shopping centres, airports, train stations, hospitals and schools.

Homogenity of the mixture and uniformity of colours

The technical and aesthetic features of Ecostone products remain unchanged, even when large quantities are involved, allowing the installation of large surfaces to appear uniform. A proven benefit of the Breton Plant system.

The large quantity of stone

The large amount of stone (about 75% of its composition) gives Ecostone tiles a natural, full and enviable appearance. This factor is likewise responsible for the great resistance to abrasion as well as for the other physical and mechanical features.

Italian Terrazzo
Price: $ Mid-High

Download the brochure: Ecostone 5.0MB | Global Green Tag Certificate

You can find out more about Ecostone’s technical characteristics or view the colour range