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Founded in 1910, by Carlo Sannini Baldassarri, Sannini is one of the most long-lived and prestigious companies in the industrial production of clay. The tradition of two families – the Sanninis and Pocciantis, who have been closely linked for several decades – now converges in a modern company projected into the future, with a wide range of paving and coating products for the building industry and a collection rich as well in innovative products designed to emphasize the artistic and architectural values of cotto in a contemporary way.

The classic lines of hand-made cotto go with the continuous study of new materials where clay is mixed with special resins and quartzes, with a special attention to the sustainability of the production process. Besides standard productions, the company is able to develop custom solutions for large scale projects strictly working with architects and designers.

The collaboration with Mario Botta for the Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul, the partnership with the Studio Archea of Marco Casamonti, an expression of which is the new Antinori Winery, and the recent commitment for the new Florence Opera House designed by Paolo Desideri are all examples of this attitude.

Italian Terracotta
Price: $ Mid- High

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