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A versatile, clean, mobile cooking experience. Backed with years of experience and entirely “made in Italy”. Onfalos by Smartech Italia represents the evolution of the cook-top the most appreciated cooking method by professionals.

Onfalos’ intelligence and ease of use is characterised by its original reflective circular plate and complimented by an elegant yet simple design which is expressive and exciting… a work of art.

Born out of aerospace technology, the cook top is made from exclusive S355 stainless with a coating of hard chromium. The plate is extremely smooth, with less adhesion of the food. This makes Onfalos easy to clean and there is no memory of previously cooked meals… no more steak that tastes like salmon! Therefore not due to magic but science one experiences the coexistence of two precious elements usually in contrast: very high temperature on the surface of the plate and modest heat for the proximity of bystanders.

Onfalos is in a class of its own when it comes to heat distribution. The desired temperature is accurately set between 120º-300º evenly spread and maintained over the entire plate. Even when cooking for the masses and a full plate of produce, the temperature does not fluctuate or drop.

Onfalos a great opportunity for the chef
•a natural cuisine which enhances the original taste of the food
•the smoothness and even temperature of the plate permits uniform cooking of the food without burning
•a light cuisine as no fats are added during the cooking process
•a fast cuisine which maintain the nutritional value of the food
•a spectacular cooker in which the chef can show his/her skills at the same time entertaining guests
•a cooker which is appreciated also for the speed and simplicity with which it can be cleaned.
•With limited radiating heat and no open flames, the Onfalos is a smoke-less safe cooking environment condusive to intimate group entertaining

Italian Luxury BBQ
Price: $Luxe 

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