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Lapitec S.p.A. was founded on the key principle of research in both technology and aesthetics – the resulting product is exactly the kind of material that architects and designers were waiting for. Lapitec is an innovative “full body” stone that by going through the sintering process – a specific procedure for the molecular transformation of raw materials – results in slabs that possess elevated physical and mechanical properties, making them functional and versatile for any application. As a direct result of its avant-garde technological research, Lapitec employs unique and state-of-the-art machinery built thanks to the strong partnership with the leading manufacturer of natural stone processing machines, Breton S.p.A. The final product is a material that is resistant, versatile and refined, and that can be utilized for internal and external finishes, wall cladding, paving, stairs, ventilated facades and in kitchen tops.

Lapitec  is available in a wide range of solutions, with different colours and finishes that suit every need. The quality, mechanical properties and versatility of every single slab are however constant and unaltered. Lapitec is produced in slabs measuring 1500x3365mm and with thicknesses of 12, 20 or 30 mm. On top of being long lasting and completely weather proof, every slab is also resistant to acids, deep abrasions, fire, frost, bases, solvents and is impervious to UV rays. All Lapitec surfaces are pore-free; they do not stain or absorb and are easy to clean and maintain as they are naturally free of bacteria and mould. These qualities are the direct result of an innovative production process that combines high-tech machinery with the application of nanotechnologies.

One of the defining pillars of Lapitec’s corporate philosophy is the unwavering respect for both people and the environment; the production process is green, the processing system is green and the product itself is green. Lapitec does not use any petroleum-based raw materials, every slab is completely inert and does not release any substances in the environment.

Italian Full Bodied Sintered Stone
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