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Onfalos… the secret of it’s power

The Atelier Bellini Studio whose founder, Mario Bellini, is both architect and designer of worldwide fame has designed Onfalós. Thanks to the intuition and the creative outburst of the Bellini studio, Onfalós has an elegant, simple design which is at the same time expressive and exciting like a work of art.

Defying conventions, the designer has managed to find fresh solutions to transform even structural components, which usually penalise the cooktop’s design, into decorative elements.

  • The plate no longer rectangular as in conventional fry-tops is round and shiny, similar to a large mirror. The round shape optimises the distribution of the heat over the entire surface and the absence of corners makes cleaning easy.
  • The combustion chamber and the chimney are hidden inside the elegant truncated cone-shaped structure in which the plate is contained: a contemporary brazier, which makes the flame inaccessible, increasing safety during use.
  • The chimney openings have been decorated with a refined geometric flower composition on the edge: an unusual detail which optimises the combustion performance.
  • The cylindrical shell made of 4mm thick stainless steel and resistant to all weather conditions, contains the gas bottle and the drain tray for the collection of the cooking liquids that are formed during the cooking and cleaning process.

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